We can perform just about anywhere, but would love to come see your venue so we know how to make rigging possible! Just so you can get an idea of what is needed to perform aerial at your location here is a list of what it takes to perform at our peak. 




Rigging to the ceiling of a venue is the most ideal for events but is not always possible. If you think there are rigging points in the ceiling we would love to come inspect them. To rig from the ceiling would require access to trussing, I beams or professionaly installed rigging points at least 14’ high (20’ is ideal for silks with any drops). A  4x4 cleared floor space under the rigging point is required. All rigging points must be rated for 2000 lbs. Please provide a ladder or lift to access the rigging point.
















If there is no place to rig from the ceiling or the event is outside then we can provide 3 different types of freestanding aerial rigs. They need to be placed on an even surface or stage, and need to be roped off from guests when not in use. One is 14ft high and has a footprint of 12' by 9’. The other rig adjusts from 16, 20 or 24ft high, and is a tripod with a foot print of 20 by 20 by 20 at its max.  The third rig is only for hoop and is called a lollipop lyra. Its a freestanding pole with a lyra attached to the top. They all take 10-20 mins to set up with 3 people. 















Dressing Room 

We request the use of some sort of changing room that can be used for warm ups, down time, and costume changes. This location would be stocked with water, and have access to restrooms.


Lighting/ Sound

For optimum performances we require lights provided for us on stage, or access to an outlet if on the ground. For best performances we prefer uplighting. We also request access to a sound system or to perform with a band for music.


Thank you! We would be delighted to help make your event magical. 

Aerial Dragons

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