Veil Of Illusion

We offer four fully developed unique productions


"Reality in many cultures is used as a deceptive illusion. To know who you are is to understand what we are made of and what we can accomplish. You must understand and explore your own identity which will help you to better understand the surrounding world."-The Veils of Maya

This production fuses together European and Middle Eastern cultures while set in the Baroque era.   The story starts with the engagement of two royal strangers, and becomes a journey to enlightenment. The Aerial Dragons perform on Silks, Lyra, Rope, Trapeze, Acro, and Hammock. Audiences are sure to become enchanted in our Veils of Illusion.  

Ekajemel Tlajtolpapalotl

“Ekajemel Tlajtolpapalotl: Fantastic Tales & Legends through the Air” will be a night filled with Storytelling, a Fusion of Pre-Hispanic music/dance which will be embellished with the alluring magic of Aerial Circus Arts.

Each routine will tell its story, each performer will give life to a character. Each performance will lure you back through time and share a bit of these beautiful Pre-Hispanic cultures.


"Immortality is one of the most alluring things a human could ever dream of; however, no one is willing to endure the painful transformation that takes a toll when becoming a vampire. To live forever may be romanticized by some... yet FOREVER can be very lonesome" 

The KEEP Yoga and Circus Arts presents "CARPE NOCTEM: An alluring night with the Aerial Dragons LLC". A gothic evening exploring the life of a vampire expressed through aerial art, contemporary dance, and circus flair. Our seductive encounter will leave you breathless, and begging for more. Join these beautiful creatures from around the globe and be a part of this seductive story about transformations, love, immortality, and thirst. 


Take a journey into the wild, Dragon style. This is a tale about self discovery and the need to get lost in order to find out who you truly are. We bridge together cirque performances with raw emotional story telling. This is a theatrical production of Aerial Acrobatics on Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Web, and flexibility.  Taking inspiration from Aztec dancers, this production in sure to leave you feeling like one of the tribe. 

Aerial Dragons

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